Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Off The Record Presented By Squirley Shirley’s

Off The Record Presented By Squirley Shirley’s

Find out the story behind some of the biggest songs and records in rock music with Off The Record. Join Uncle Joe Benson every Saturday from 9-10AM here on Rock 93-7.

Rock 93-7 brings you Off The Record, hosted by Joe Benson every Saturday morning, revealing the what was going on in the studio, in the bands, and in the lives of the poeple making the music. Joe sits down for in-depth interviews with the biggest names in Classic Rock, like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton and Tom Petty.

Uncle Joe Benson has been a familiar voice on the radio for over 38 years, 26 of those at top-rated Los Angeles rock stations. He shares with listeners an encyclopedic knowledge of rock and roll, an expertise which helps to know the questions to ask for the answers people want with Off The Record.

When not immersed in music and radio, you’ll find Uncle Joe at the racetrack. Since 1989, Uncle Joe’s Racing teams and cars have competed in over 520 events.

He became the voice of the California Speedway in 1997, where he continues to announce, call races, and conduct driver interviews.

Tune in as Uncle Joe Benson rocks your Saturday mornings on Rock 93-7.

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