Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Hoseppy & Tony

Hoseppy & Tony

Join the Dynamic Duo Hoseppy & Tony here on Rock 93-7 as they wake you up each morning 5:30-10AM.

Hoseppy & Tony launched their show in the late 90s, got fired (separately we might add).  From there life took them several different ways, with kids, wives, ex-wives, etc.

Now due to a clerical error they’ve ‘put the band back together’. We know them pretty good, but we thought you’d like to know more. We sat ‘em down and grilled or rather we mean “nicely asked them” the questions listeners most wanted answered. So, let’s find out a little more about Hoseppy & Tony:

What’s the difference between the first time you guys worked together and now?
Tony – “50lbs, 4 kids and sobriety”
Hoseppy – “We used to trade girls numbers, now we trade recipes”
Tony – “Oh, and conversations about prostates.”

Where can folks find you when you’re not ‘doing radio’?
Hoseppy – “At the ‘Casa de Hoseppy’ hangin’ with the fam.”
Tony – “I don’t know, but if you find me please return me to the radio station.”
Hoseppy – “Yeah, I think there’s a deposit.”

You’re on a island, what are 3 things you gotta have?
Tony – “Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Irwin’s Beef Jerky.”
Hoseppy – “Moogies BBQ, ice cold Calf Killer and my beautiful wife.”
Tony – “You’re afraid she’s gonna read this aren’t ya?”
Hoseppy – “Dang skippy.”

Would you rather be hot or cold?
Hoseppy – “Hot”
Tony – “Cold, ‘cause I’m a fat boy and fat boys don’t like heat.  Like pigs in a blanket.”

How do you get your hashbrowns?
Hoseppy – “Plain, and double ‘em up.”
Tony – “All the way.  Hoseppy introduced me to ‘em like that when we went to Adelphia Coliseum.”
Hoseppy – “That’s when they threatened to throw us out for playing Frisbee on the field.”
Tony – “By ‘we’ he means me.”

What’s your best memory in 5 words or less.
Tony – “Children, having and making.”
Hoseppy – “5 words?  How ‘bout wedding and having kids.”
Tony – “You’re still scared Lori’s gonna read this aren’t you?”
Hoseppy – “Here’s my man card.”

How did yall become so crazy? Was it natural selection or were you nurtured?
Hoseppy – “Well, after the birth of our daughter, Lori and I decided we didn’t want any more kids.  So, you know we…did the deed.”
Tony – “I’m still in original condition if ya know what I mean.”

Not neutered, NUR-tured.
Hoseppy – “Oh, that changes things entirely.”
Tony – “Is that when a doctor does it?”

You always make everyone laugh, what do YOU find funny?
Tony – “Clowns on fire.”
Hoseppy – (Laughs)  “Funny?  Funny ‘Ha Ha’ or ‘funny strange’?  As my mama would say.  I’m a big fan of ‘too soon’ humor, ya know, making fun of the deceased at the funeral.  There’s nothing like uncomfortable laughter.”
Tony – “Or pee humor.”

If you two left radio to become a crime fighting duo like Batman & Robin or the Green Hornet & Kato… what would you be called and what powers or skills would you have?
Tony – “I would be Halle Berry as ‘Catwoman’.”
Hoseppy – “How much crime fighting would you be able to do naked in front of a mirror?”
Tony – “Hey, this is my fantasy.”
Hoseppy – “I would just want to meet Wonder Woman, ‘cause she could…”
Tony – “Here we go again, is there a button to push around here?”
Hoseppy – “But whatever we are you better pray we don’t end up in tights!”

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